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The Forest is Red
Awkward, socially dysfunctional Nathan writes strange poems, buries jam in the park and converses with the voices. Voices that fight for his attention and demand his subordination. On his daily, semi-hynotic journeys through his alientating, colorless city, he searches for companionship and happiness. He thinks he finds it when he meets the girl he loves - but to whom he never speaks. This surreal, magical and philosophically charged take examines the life of an outcast as he struggles to blend into a world where everyone searches for their own uniqueness.
  Written, Directed & Edited by: David Jakubovic   Director of Photography: John Schmidt  
  Music by: Jaroslav Jakubovic   Songs Composed &Produced by: Daniel Jakubovic  
  Producers: David Jakubovic, Nicole Sudhaus, Olivia Bosek   Supervising Sound Editor: Patrick Giraudi  
  Audio Post Production provided by: Virtual Mix   Costumes: Roy Fire, Tal Peer-Hacohen  
  Makeup & Hair: Elissa Ruminer   Sound Mixers: Dale Bigall, Josh Neal  
  Second Unit Cinematographer: Tony Ditata   Steadicam Operator: John Hockenberry  
  Second Assistant Cameraman: Salia Hovanec   Casting Director: Amy Gossels  
  Score Recorded at: Kaleidoscope Sound Studios   Recording Engineer: Sal Mormando  
  1st Violin: Jonathan Weber   2nd Violin: Matthew Szemela  
  Viola: Christopher Jenkins   Cello: Julia Bruskin  
  Special Effects: Brandon Robinson   Title design: Adam Stroncone  
  Paintings in Nathan’s room: Iwona Drelich   Photographer - New York Faces: Gabriel Sanders  
  Poster design: Ray Jones   Sound Designers: Patrick Giraudi, Xavier Sol  
  Re-recording Mixer: Patrick Giraudi   ADR Supervisor: Gerard Jakubowicz  
  Sound Effects Editor: Xavier Sol   Foley: Lorita de la Cerna  
  Assistant Sound Editor: Yu-Ting Su, Cristina Turek   Dialogue Lists: Vincent Scordia  
  Assistant Editors: Amanda Whitcroft, Sean LaGamma,
Salia Hovane
  Casting Assistant: Andrea Grim  
  Special Thanks to:  
  Katie Grim, Nancy Jakubovic, Angel Picard-Ami, Susan E. Kim, Angela Jeanneau, Diane Cricchio, Alain Jakubowicz, Einav Hacohen, Kresh Novakovic, Lisa Quinn, Adam Quinn, Maggie Maes, Maude Kaplan Agency, Mike Bonifacio, Nathan Smith, Natalie Wetta, Sharon Lintz, Dylan Cohen, Yael Gidron, Kaman Lam, Robert DiScalfani
and Bond Street Studios

Special thanks to Bootsy the cat

Devin Harjes

Nicole Sudhaus

Kathy Deitch

Dora Sacer

Kara Addington

Virginia Robinson

Afton Boggiano

Omer Barnea

Also Starring:
Damion Lee   Daniel Jakubovic   Eileen Little   Gerritt Vandermeer   Jon Feirman
Boris Pelekh Liz Engel   Mary Amy   Mathilde Dratwa   Olivia Bosek   Rayna Hovan
Shuo Zhang
  David Austin